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Fantasy reading material

JR has just finished Eldest, and I’m looking for new titles to satisfy his reading appetite.

ALA has a list of recommendations for fans of Harry Potter. That pointed me to Dragonsinger, by Anne McCaffrey. It sounds interesting, and I like that its protagonist is a young woman.

a href=””>Sea of Trolls , by Nancy Farmer, looks interesting, with some reasonably thoughtful reviews.


long time, no write

I spent much of the past several days trying to reconstruct our Ad test environment. I started on the same machine used previously, then Greg suggested using vmware. Yesterday, Erik called to walk me through some tests, and we used the production environment. We were able to achieve the resolution we’ve been trying to get.

Monday, 2005-05-16

  • Installed and tested canon print accounting function
  • Emailed Ikon re network port usage
  • Prepared test system for unattended installs
  • Responded to rryan re off-site access to ODBC data sources
  • Created XP+SP2 CD

Friday, 2005-05-13

  • Locating CIFS documentation
  • Troubleshooting network connection
  • Email re footprints and non-CIT staff
  • Downloaded Canon DIAS software
  • Reviewed Summer project list
  • Test environment – last replication was longer than tombstone interval. DCs must be re-installed.
  • Discussed using Unattended to build servers, according to Robbie Allen recommended best practice.