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Best birthday card ever

After I finished my usual morning email purge, I popped over to my BW’s blog to see her post for the day (she posts very regularly). I found myself reading the best birthday card I’ve ever received. I sat in Waterman Cafe across the table from Dr. Science, trying not to sob…

I only worked a half-day, and spent a very enjoyable afternoon and evening at home. BW got me the very awesome Intersections 1985-2005 collection of Bruce Hornsby music.

Better picture coming soon.Four CDs and a DVD of fabulous music. I have lots of good listening ahead of me, and I finally get to hear Rainbow’s Cadillac again. She also got me a Peter, Paul, and Mary album, which has some nice songs from my childhood. Thanks, honey!

Rumor has it the NB had a super gift idea, but that delivery is taking a while. I’m anxious to find out what it is!

Edit: I see that Bruce will be performing in Lowell, MA, in the middle of August. I can’t recall if I’m supposed to be camping, then…