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Crafting in the blood

My Beloved Wife’s blog persona is “CraftyMommaVT” and it fits her perfectly. Part of her internship early this summer involved creating a tool for the Skilled Nursing Facility where she was working. She thought through how to make it really useful, worked really hard and carefully, and the final result is beautiful.

She does a better job than I can in describing the project, but the top offers some fine motor challenges, the bottom a standing checkers game, and all of it encourages patients to stand for longer periods of time to build strength and endurance.

standing activity board

The crafty trait apparently is genetic, and Nature Boy exercises his creative energies routinely. Recently, he decided that he needed to add some diversity to his boffer weapon arsenal. See the boffer war hammer he put together? Let me tell you; it packs quite a wallop! We have more raw materials, too, so I anticipate more fun with foam, CPVC, and lots of duct tape.

foam, CPVC, and lots of duct tape