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Olbermann – Gay marriage is a question of love

A slug for this video flickered across the bottom of (one of) my IM client. I’d not heard of Keith Olbermann before, but it was nice to see this kind of message in such a visible way.

Olbermann: Gay marriage is a question of love
Olbermann: Gay marriage is a question of love
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I also learned that a protest will be held on Saturday, November 15 at 1:30 PM in Burlington City Hall Park, as part of a nation-wide effort to counter California’s Proposition 8 and other anti-GLBT state initiatives.

2008 Debates Online

We’re an early to bed, early to rise crew in my family, and the important debates all start at my bedtime. I did stay up to see the Biden/Palin debate, and but I haven’t watched the Presidential debates, figuring I could watch or listen online. Yesterday, I did a bunch of looking and searching online for a podcast version of the debates so I could listen during my daily commutes. But I didn’t find anything.

This morning, I found the C-SPAN youTube site, which has video of the (first two, so far) debates.

  1. First 2008 Presidential Debate ( Jim Lehrer, PBS NewsHour )
  2. 2008 Vice Presidential Debate ( Gwen Ifill, PBS Washington Week )
  3. Second 2008 Presidential Debate ( Tom Brokaw, NBC News )
  4. Third 2008 Presidential Debate ( Bob Schieffer, CBS News )

I haven’t decided whether to stay up, tonight. But with the knowledge that I can watch it after the fact, I’m lean toward sleep.