2008 Debates Online

We’re an early to bed, early to rise crew in my family, and the important debates all start at my bedtime. I did stay up to see the Biden/Palin debate, and but I haven’t watched the Presidential debates, figuring I could watch or listen online. Yesterday, I did a bunch of looking and searching online for a podcast version of the debates so I could listen during my daily commutes. But I didn’t find anything.

This morning, I found the C-SPAN youTube site, which has video of the (first two, so far) debates.

  1. First 2008 Presidential Debate ( Jim Lehrer, PBS NewsHour )
  2. 2008 Vice Presidential Debate ( Gwen Ifill, PBS Washington Week )
  3. Second 2008 Presidential Debate ( Tom Brokaw, NBC News )
  4. Third 2008 Presidential Debate ( Bob Schieffer, CBS News )

I haven’t decided whether to stay up, tonight. But with the knowledge that I can watch it after the fact, I’m lean toward sleep.

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