Wednesday, 2005-05-11

Wednesday went by quickly…

  • Created group CS-File Services, populated it, and emailed kmartin1
  • joined computer to domain for vlcarter
  • vlcarter – resolved printer issue (14081)
  • Transcribed default inetOrgPerson and user object permissions in AD schema
  • removed the three managed OUs from campustest (took a long time)
  • tested RIS server that it works and has an image for D600 from 2003

I spent a bunch of time trying to find some programmatic way of dumping the default permissions for an objectClass in AD, without much luck. I ended up transcribing by hand from DSA, which means there are some attributes which aren’t displayed and I didn’t get those.

I wil recreate the managed OUs in the test domain and populate with some test objects to verify the same behavior we are seeing in production. I’ll then apply the changes suggested by the KB article indicated by MS Essential Support.

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