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Friday, 2005-04-29

  • Email purge
  • Requested status update on MS Incident
  • Responded to dolivett, footprint 14099; pending
  • Responded to emelton, footprint 13085; open
  • revised procedures and guidelines document
  • Called Dani regarding access request, footprint 14124

Math tidbits

A CSMonitor article describes some recent research comparing the randomness of the digits of Pi to those produced by commercial Random Number Generators.

The Purdue article describes the methodology, which is quite interesting. They mention six-dimensional cubes. Huh?

My colleagues suggested looking into four-dimensional cubes, or hypercubes.

Thursday, 2005-04-28

  • Provision lbrault
  • Review email from MS Tech
  • Work with Deane to tag assets
  • Request quote on batteries, power for d600
  • Response to dolivett (14099); printer already setup, I think?
  • Read blogging article
  • Got WordPress to function as my homepage.

Things to work on at some point:

  • Fix so that it doesn’t update the group membership if there aren’t any matching users.

This American Life: Sissies

Sissies [ 12/13/96 ]

Though being gay no longer has much of a stigma in some parts of the country, being a sissy still does. Even among gay men. In this show we have a number of surprising and unusual stories of sissies, their families, and
why people still get so upset about them.

Act One. Anti-Oedipus.
This American Life producer Nancy Updike on a family where the father was one kind of sissy and the son was another kind, and how the family was destroyed despite the fact that no one wanted it to be.
(22 minutes)

Act Two. Instructions for sissies.
Chicago performance artist John Conners reads from a 1942 book called How To Improve Your Personality, from a chapter instructing men on how to avoid being sissies.
(6 minutes)

Act Three. The Pansy Kings Sing Songs of Love.
Chicago writer and actor Dave Awl, who runs a show called the Pansy King Cotillion, on how he accidentally discovered how not to get picked on as a sissy in high school. (8 minutes)

Act Four. The Other Love That Dares Not Speak Its Name.
Seattle writer and syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage on how there’s a stigma against sissies even among gay men. Gay personals ads are filled with men who want “straight acting/ straight appearing” partners. Girly boys need not apply. Savage prefers swishier men, and believes they actually have to be braver than homosexuals who can pass for straight.
(15 minutes)

Wednesday, 2005-04-27

Today’s to-dos:

  • prep test hidden account
  • finish prep of VM
  • perform MS-requested diags

What I did:

  • Printer image quality comparison; Win vs. Mac
  • Account issues for sprovenc re dtoby(?) and djw re lbrault
  • Email prune
  • Saved of cell RFP responses
  • Completed prep on VM
  • Compelete requested diagnostics for MS tech suppt.
  • Met with MS Technical Sales rep
  • Sent phil contact in Athl re fp 13743
  • Responded to Carol re shaas (14070)
  • Closed issue 13592
  • Responded to cnepton(13074)
  • Forwarded DR article to mjg
  • Help Nick O. in ACCESS with domain join
  • read some of Wesley’s notes on working with wordpress
  • downloaded and unpacked most recent wordpress (1.5)
  • discussed with Dean possibilities for distribution of software covered by MS Campus Agreement

Tuesday, 2005-04-26

I will spend much of today working with MS tech support on the hidden OU Group Policy issue.

  • email review and purge
  • reviewed planning docs
  • Creating virtual machine for GP trouble-shooting
  • Set up second CLJ3500 printer
  • Finished printer setup; netreg, dns, Windows printer setup, email to staff
  • Cloned the VM
  • Requested a test consultant (i.e., hidden) account
  • Helped mcaha with file permissions in Windows
  • Created footprint (14078) for Barbara Goldsen re Palm Sync
  • Installing Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition Beta 2.
  • Scheduled discussion with Matt Hickey, MS Technical

Monday, 2005-04-25

  • Created MS incident re GP/Hidden
  • Created qtrees for phil
  • Called campus planning
  • Called mstraigh in St. Johnsbury ext. (14035); open
  • Called cmlee in BMT (13906); closed
  • Closed cnepton > acitve directory migration with fp email (13074)
  • Set psychiatry aed to 15-May-2005 00:00:00; responded via email.
  • Printer setup
  • Conversation with Michael G.
  • Finished printer setup
  • Performed manual firmware upgrade on the new CL 3500n’s external en3700 using FTP
  • Completed printer configuration
  • Updated fp (14035) with mail from mstraigh; closed