Wednesday, 2005-04-27

Today’s to-dos:

  • prep test hidden account
  • finish prep of VM
  • perform MS-requested diags

What I did:

  • Printer image quality comparison; Win vs. Mac
  • Account issues for sprovenc re dtoby(?) and djw re lbrault
  • Email prune
  • Saved of cell RFP responses
  • Completed prep on VM
  • Compelete requested diagnostics for MS tech suppt.
  • Met with MS Technical Sales rep
  • Sent phil contact in Athl re fp 13743
  • Responded to Carol re shaas (14070)
  • Closed issue 13592
  • Responded to cnepton(13074)
  • Forwarded DR article to mjg
  • Help Nick O. in ACCESS with domain join
  • read some of Wesley’s notes on working with wordpress
  • downloaded and unpacked most recent wordpress (1.5)
  • discussed with Dean possibilities for distribution of software covered by MS Campus Agreement

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