Sky pirates

I was working at home in the afternoon, yesterday, and NatureBoy was keeping himself busy in the living room. After a while he made his way to the dining room where I was, making buzzy machine sound effects and moving this contraption through the imaginary sky:

His Flying Pirate Ship looks really incredible. NatureBoy said it was sort of like the Tiger Moth from Castle in the Sky, but different. I have a knack for taking crappy pictures, so let me start by saying that my attempts at a backdrop and back lighting just don’t do his creation justice.

He has built a lot of things with Klutz Building Cards. This flying pirate ship was built with the Pirate Ship set, and the jolly roger flapping proudly in the wind.

The other day, he made a U.S.S. Enterprise after we watched some Star Trek TOS episodes.

Way to go, NB.

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