Monday, Monday

I met with ccowie, aquinn from the CESS Dean’s Office regarding planning and prep for their migration from Gemini to ADWindows. On Wednesday, I’ll be working with mcaha on bringing their systems into compliance (SPs, Hotfixes,virus protection).

I helped with another issue for mlowder; she had apparently created some local folders with Eudora, which she thought were on the imap server. So when her system was re-images, they were lost. Bad Eudora! I could say untrained user, which would be accurate, but IMAP support in Eudora is so clunky that it would be an easy mistake to create local folders.

Updated forms in the for the NextStep program.

Conference call with a group at a Kentucky University that is in the process of deploying Active Directory to replace their existing Novell infrastructure. Our two groups have approached the process in very similar ways. They pointed out the moveuser.exe tool, which accomplishes several steps we’ve been doing by hand.

Greg, Phil, and I then developed a list of decision point that we need to address very soon.

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