Operation migration

I’ve spent most of the yesterday and today working with Greg to migrate their workstations in the Graduate College from Gemini to AD. There are eight workstations to be migrated; we’ve done six. I’m hoping to get another done this afternoon, but I need to leave on time!

Some of the issues making this complicated include:

  1. the office uses OTGserver for document imaging
  2. the graduate college was left in the grad.sis.uvm context, rather than getting fully migrated to users.uvm
  3. several users are logging into departmental accounts, rather than individual accounts
  4. various scumware and even a filesharing app
  5. I’ve been installing FireFox and Thunderbird and performing a migration from Eudora…
  6. there are some systems that are multi-user; formerly, these used a departmental account, but our new model prefers that workstudy students use their own NetIDs and log in individually. But this may have its own limitations.

Apparently, I need to do a better job of interrogating people and systems before starting a migration.

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