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Sword tag

This post is very overdue.

Several weeks ago, Beloved Wife headed off for a weekend of Grrrl Power, leaving NatureBoy and me to our own devices (buwa-ha-ha-ha!). We dropped into the friendly neighborbood gaming store to see what was going on for Free RPG Day. We were a little disappointed because no one was running any games. Of course, I didn’t step up and volunteer to run anything either. We did pick up some of the free modules and demo give-aways, however, and a friend ran a game of Munchkin for us. That was fun; thankers Tyler!

On the way home we decided that this was the weekend we would make Boffer Swords. Now, I have looked at boffer sword construction sites on and off for over a year, but I hadn’t found any that looked sturdy enough. Then we found the Sword Tag site on the list of links at the wikipedia boffer site. We had been studying these instructions for about a week, and I knew what materials we would need.

So we stopped at the friendly neighborhood hardware store and picked up 1/2-inch CPVC pipe, pipe insulation, fiberglass rods, duct tape (in several colors!), spray adhesive, and a couple other things. We then spent about four hours on Saturday afternoon and evening, and four or more on Sunday afternoon putting the swords together.

The most of the following pictures were taken with the crappy camera in my Treo 700w. But they serve to document the process…

We set up my laptop nearby for easy reference, and got to work. NB carefully measured his materials and cut the PVC himself.

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Vacation – Stowe Pinnacle

Yesterday, we hiked up the Stowe Pinnacle trail. We’ve been taking hikes out of Vermont Hiking, which is generally a good resource. However, we found the hike yesterday to be much longer and more demanding than the text suggested. The views from the top, however, were spectacular.

Here’s DW at the top…

…and NatureBoy recovering from the climb.

The climb down was fun; it took about the same amount of time, but we talked a lot more and did silly things (I liked hopping down the stone steps).

Vacation – Great Escape

I’m well into my summer vacation. My sister-in-law is visiting from Maine, too, and on Friday, we took a trip to the Great Escape. DW, Goddess of planning and logistics, had acquired discounted tickets via AAA, and packed lunch, water, and enough snacks for an arctic expedition (No, no! I’m not complaining!). It took about 2:50 to get there, but we really wanted to have fun in the water park and enjoy a few rides.

A couple colleagues had mentioned that the park had been advertising a new ride, called the Tornado, which was very cool. NatureBoy, though, decided that he wasn’t interested in any “scary rides,” which ended-up including pretty-much everything the we grown-ups wanted to try. So we ended-up taking turns supervising him at the long floaty river, the wave pool and the Paul Bunyan Bucket Brigade.

I got to go on the Tornado twice, once with SiL and once with DW. With SiL, I went down the first drop backwards, but I got to see how steep it is when I went with DW. It was a lot of fun, but pretty short. At least the line moved really quickly. I went with SiL to a couple of the tube rides (skip the black cobra; yawn), and then went with NatureBoy to the wave pool. DW and her sister took the opportunity to go try the the Comet. After a while, the wave pool closed for a break, and NB headed to the Bucket Brigade. He stood on the structure during the first bucket dump, and we stood under the cascade for the next one. 🙂

DW and SiL came back from their ride beaming, and DW asked me to go on it with her. It started raining while I was changing, but it was a brief shower. We took the ride, and I have to admit that I really don’t care for the old-fashioned roller coasters. The drops and rises were fun, but we were heaved and bumped and banged around so much that I too worried about keeping from getting hurt to enjoy the ride. Now, I did enjoy the Dueling Dragons at Universal’s Islands of Adventure that I went on during Microsoft Tech*Ed 2007 with a friend from BSAD.

We were hoping that we’d get a chance to go on the Alpine Bobsled, but it was closed because of the rain. NB wanted to ride the gondola, so I went with him. Then we headed home, exhausted.

All-in-all, I think I prefer the Whale’s Tale Water Park in Lincoln, NH. It’s just a water park (i.e., no roller coasters), but we got to do the rides many more times, there weren’t lines waiting for tubes, and the place was just friendlier and at a more reasonable scale.