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Carnage gaming con this weekend

I’m taking NatureBoy and Beloved Wife to Fairlee, VT, for a weekend gaming getaway at Carnage 11.

Carnage band logo

NB and I will be gaming; BW will be doing a bit of school work, knitting, and enjoying Lake Morey resort. We attended last year and had a good time. This year, we’re looking forward to a bunch of board games, including Robo Rally, Wiz War Classic, Power Grid, and Star Trek Fleet Action.

In fact, we’re not scheduled to playing and role playing games together. I did reserve a slot in a GURPS Prime Directive (i.e., Star Trek) game in the late slot on Saturday, but it’s after my usual bedtime, so I may skip it.

Maybe there will be some Fear the Boot fans pulling together a World Wide Wing Night 5 celebration there.

Clone Wars TV Series – worth watching

NatureBoy and I stayed up late (for us) on Friday night to watch the premier of Cartoon Network’s CG series Clone Wars, and we both enjoyed them.

Here’s the trailer from Cartoon Network on YouTube:

The premier really comprised two episodes; Ambush, which featured Yoda and a trio of troopers versions Count Dooku’s minions, and Rising Malevolence, in which Anakin and Asoka attempt to rescue another Jedi, Plo Kloon.

I really like Ambush, and the portrayal of Yoda in particular. He does offer wise and mystical guidance, and uses the force and his light saber to defeat his attackers.  But he giggled as he hopped from droid to droid; I don’t think he laughed once in any of the prequels.

I think the trickster archetype is a crucial part of Yoda’s strength, and I was very gratified to see it treated with significance.

We’re already making plans to work this show into our routine. The first two episodes are repeating this Wednesday, at 7 and 7:30 PM. If you haven’t checked it out, I say it’s worth a try.


When NatureBoy and I attended NorthEast Wars in April, one of the events we played was a six-person Heroscape game. I hadn’t played it before; I think NB may have played with a friend more than a year prior. Although my army died early-on, NB stayed in the game almost to the end. He had a great time, and decided that he wanted a Heroscape set for his birthday.

Heroscape battle

The game features hexagonal plastic terrain pieces that snap and stack together to build a battle scenario. Then players create armies from miniatures, some of which are single “hero” characters while others are groups of less powerful units called “squads.” The rules for movement and combat are straight-forward and consistent. The object is to be the “last person standing.”

Heroscape close-up

NB received the Rise of the Valkyrie Master Set and the Volcarren Wasteland expansion set, and we have played several games. In fact, he and BW have played several games, and she even likes it. W00T! I expect this will be a staple of our gaming for a long while.

No heroes can withstand the might of...

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Whale’s Tale water park

I have a lot of topics to post about. Here’s a fun one from last weekend.

Beloved Wife surprised me on Sunday morning, suggesting that we head to Whale’s Tale Waterpark for the day. I was giddy. 🙂

Whale’s Tale is in Lincoln, N.H., about a two-hour drive, but it’s closer than Splashwater Kingdom, and much nicer, IMHO. BW had a cooler packed with lunches, snacks and beverages in a flash, and then bought tickets online so we wouldn’t have to wait in line.

Much to our surprise, there was no line at all. Just lots of sun, slides, and pools.

NatureBoy and me in the wave pool

NatureBoy is not a thrill-seeker. In fact, he refuses to go on most amusement park rides, and waterpark tubes and slides are no different. But he loves the wave pool, and we alternated between swimming in the wave pool, and BW and me enjoying the other attractions while NB took some pictures and even video.

In fact, here’s one of his videos, this one of BW and me riding Whale’s Tale’s most recent attraction, the Bonzai Pipeline:

BW’s blog has several more photo’s and a video of each of us riding Eye of the Storm. I really like that one! I’m hoping we get in one more trip to Whale’s Tale this summer.

Impatiently awaiting Avatar conclusion

We’ve just watched Disk 3 of the third season of Avatar, Day of Black Sun – Part 2 through Boiling Rock – Part 2. This is an amazing series, and if you haven’t been watching all along, Netflix can get you caught up. According to Wikipedia and AvatarSpirit.Net, the series’ final episodes will air in July. Nickelodeon released the following trailer:

This is gonna be good!

What die are you?

This has probably been around the web for a long time, but I just found it:

I am a d20

Take the quiz at

My favorite d20 is old and blue, given to me from the FLGS spare dice bin because I’d always use it. Its corners are really rounded, so it rolls for a long, long time. I love it! (I have affection for my dice!? Should I be concerned?)

NB is a D8:

I am a d20

Hmmm. Tweener and already deep, dark and cynical. Should I be concerned? 😉

Guilty (campy) pleasures

I have to confess that, although we haven’t watched broadcast or cable TV in years, TV was a big part of my life until pretty recently. Now, we watch DVDs we own or get from Netflix. But Netflix also offers some of their content to watch online. And we’ve been enjoying Hercules: the Legendary Journeys and Xena: the Warrior Princess.

Hecules cover Xena cover

The acting is, ahem, rough, shall we say? and the action and stunts are still a lot of fun. I like the low-budget sets and costumes, and the occasional oopses. And we just noticed the disclaimers in the credits: “No males, centaurs or amazons were harmed in the filming of this motion picture” was in Hooved & Harlots, for example.

It does make me pine for a better AV setup, and some home theater PC solution. But we make do.