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A little dungeon crawl

NatureBoy ran a D&D session for me on Saturday. He sprung a nice prop on me when my character was investigating the body of a dead adventurer…

NatureBoy's aged, detailed map

Notice the green venom stain, and the chomp-mark out of the top left corner. I really like the isometric view of the map, too.

On the reverse side is an elevation of the <cheesy echo> Hallway of Certain Doom </cheesy echo>.

details of the Hallway of Certain Doom

Some silliness ensued when my character slipped into the pirahna pit, and then gallons of barbeque sauce poured on me from above. As a druid, my character reasoned that the fish would have a hard time breathing the molasses and vinegar, so they avoided me while I climbed out. (Hey, I’m not above metagaming when the moment is ripe!)

I came home to some furtive behavior, yesterday, so I think there’s more calamity in store for me next weekend. I can’t wait. 😀

D&D changed my life

In response to a post on GeekDad, I posted the following reflection:

D&D changed my life, too, though it has had a more profound effect on me as an adult and father.

When I was a kid, I had the basic set, then the expert set, then the AD&D books. The fact that I had no one to play with didn’t keep me from spending lots of time making dungeons and characters.

I finally got to play D&D with some friends in college. We had great fun for a few weeks, and then we stopped.

Life happened; jobs, marriage, a child. Every couple of years — during a cleaning spree, usually — I would find some of my old books and leaf through them. Then back into the box of other child treasures they would go.

About three years ago, I saw the 3.5 basic set in Barnes & Noble and brought it home to my then eight-year-old. I ran a session for him and my good-sport wife, and he was hooked. That same evening, he decided to run a session for us, which he managed pretty well.

Since then, he’s committed most of the Players Handbook and DM’s Guide to memory, and we’ve played together in several different groups and in one-on-one games. I even ran a campaign for kids at the local library.

Now my son is eleven, and when he first read the 4th Edition announcement, he was upset. “Oh no! I bet they’ll get rid of the grapple rules. I love the grapple rules!”

I have also joined several adult gaming groups over the past couple years, and made a bunch of new friends. My wife is still a great sport, since discussion of D&D topics happens daily. And though she’s not a RPG fan, she loves card and board games.
Here’s to Dungeons & Dragons!

I’m still kind of in awe of how much D&D has meant to me and to us. I should also thank my parents, who got me that purple box set way back when.

In other news

Since we’ve been anchored here at home while BW is recovering, NatureBoy and I have had some time to play together. And we’ve had time to ourselves. NB has been banging through some Super Mario Sunshine, and I finally finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. 🙂

NatureBoy had known that BW was going to be out of commission for a while, and that I would be home on Friday. So he spent time during the week developing a D&D session for us to play. When we got back from the surgery, he had the dining table all ready. We got to play for several hours in between attending to BW’s needs.

I had planned on gaming on Sunday afternoon, but my friend’s daughter had a stomach bug. Instead, NatureBoy pulled out RoboRally, which we hadn’t played in months. He decided we should play a deathmatch with each of us running two robots. It was fun, indeed, and NB pulled out a victory in the end. Here’s the game laid out..
Roborally on the dining table

and here’s a close-up of the robots we were using.
Roborally pieces

What else… we got in a little boffer sword fun on Sunday evening, and today we played another game of Settlers of Catan.

We’re just sorry BW wasn’t up to joining any of the fun. Get well soon!

Wisdom Teeth and D&D

Beloved Wife is having all her wisdom teeth extracted this morning. She’s been pretty anxious, but she’s resigned to her fate. I’m off from work today to tend to her.

Of course, NatureBoy has his own designs on today and tomorrow. Since BW will be out of commission for a while, he’s been hard at work on a D&D campaign, complete with props. I expect we’ll be playing this afternoon, and probably some tomorrow.

We had a very subdued Lammas; we had some freshly-picked grape tomatoes with supper, and I played several hands of cards with NatureBoy. Lately, I just haven’t had the inspiration to do elaborate ritual.

Well, gotta get ready to go to the oral surgeon.