A little dungeon crawl

NatureBoy ran a D&D session for me on Saturday. He sprung a nice prop on me when my character was investigating the body of a dead adventurer…

NatureBoy's aged, detailed map

Notice the green venom stain, and the chomp-mark out of the top left corner. I really like the isometric view of the map, too.

On the reverse side is an elevation of the <cheesy echo> Hallway of Certain Doom </cheesy echo>.

details of the Hallway of Certain Doom

Some silliness ensued when my character slipped into the pirahna pit, and then gallons of barbeque sauce poured on me from above. As a druid, my character reasoned that the fish would have a hard time breathing the molasses and vinegar, so they avoided me while I climbed out. (Hey, I’m not above metagaming when the moment is ripe!)

I came home to some furtive behavior, yesterday, so I think there’s more calamity in store for me next weekend. I can’t wait. 😀

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