#RPGaDAY 26: Coolest Character Sheet

Thanks to Autocratik for this series of prompts. And to my friend Tyler for his inspiring responses on his blog, Held Action. And for prodding me into reviving my own blog.

My pick for coolest character sheet is Mouse Guard. The sheet has all the information a player needs for playing the game. On one side is the important character and roleplaying information, and on the other is reference information about the conflict resolution system. The sheets are well organized and attractive, as well as very functional.


The sheet is available as a download, along with pregen sheets filled out for the main characters from the Mouse Guard books.


6 thoughts on “#RPGaDAY 26: Coolest Character Sheet

      1. Tyler

        For some reason, I did not think mice would be inflicted with drives as strong as what I’ve seen people say is appropriate for a Burning Wheel character.

      2. Geoff Post author

        Have you read the Mouse Guard comics? There’s murder, betrayal, sabotage, intrigue. Anthropomorphic mice.

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