USS Albacore

Earlier this Spring, Beloved Wife attended a conference in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and NatureBoy and I tagged along. While BW was conferring, the boy and I ourselves busy. In the evenings, we ate out and explored some of the shops in Portsmouth downtown.

One of the things NatureBoy and I did was visit the USS Albacore submarine museum, which comprises a small gift shop and museum, and a self-guided tour of the actual submarine.

The Albacore has two large, offset rudders and twin, counter-rotating propellers for increased speed and power. 

USS Albacore - port side

USS Albacore - starboard side


The doors in the bulkhead were a bit of a squeeze. I’m trying to imagine sailors moving through in a hurry.



I couldn’t help thinking of the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues when I saw these controls.



Looking through the periscope, you can see… Portsmouth traffic. 🙂



NatureBoy was impressed by this big mixer in the galley, which he’s sure is a close relation to our KitchenAid mixer back home.




Bunks were crammed into all kinds of interesting places. Not that there are bunks above and below the one NatureBoy occupies.


NatureBoy and I were impressed, and I think I’ll be putting Hunt for Red October on our NetFlix queue (maybe Operation Petticoat, too).

Stay tuned for another post with more about our trip.

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