Steve retires :(

For he's a jolly good fellow! #byesjc on Twitpic

Among other things Steve said at his retirement celebration, today, was this. “I hope I have as much fun in retirement as I’ve had working at UVM.”

My tears didn’t come until I left the party.

Friend to me and many, many souls here at UVM; visionary, curmudgeon, provocateur, playful adopter and vocal advocate of disruptive innovations. I will miss your voice, calling to us from a divergent path, pointing toward a new, interesting destination.

Now that you’ve migrated much of your virtual essence into the cloud, I expect frequent pings (tweets, facebook updates, Asian video chats…) telling me what you really think. And keep the cool music and design posts flowing.

Let’s go out to lunch before summer is over. I’ll buy you a martini. 🙂

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