Recent gaming, Burning Wheel gets rolling

A little over a week ago, I got together with TheaterGeek and Hyulf96 for some roleplaying in a Faery Tale game system developed by TheaterGeek called In Mortality. We had a good time and there was lots of good storytelling and cool character moments. I’m looking forward to continuing our tale.

Hyulf96, who happens to manage the local gaming shop, ordered Jungle Speed for me. I’d heard about it from several places, including Sons of Kryos and Have Games, Will Travel. I played it with Beloved Wife and NatureBoy, and we couldn’t stop giggling. We’ve played it several more times, since, including yesterday when the power went out unexpectedly.

And at long last, our three-person Burning Wheel group made it through an entire session. The GM has great color and detail, and I think we players have some great characters, with Beliefs, Instinct and Traits that are sure to get us into trouble.

In addition, the other player has gotten a friend of his interested in trying Burning Wheel. And this friend turns out to be a guy who lived next door to me when we were little kids. I’ve bumped into him a few times since I got back into gaming. But it’s very cool to think that I’ll be playing an RPG with a guy whose sandbox I’d play back in the day.

We’ll be getting together again this week. I’m really looking forward to it.

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