A (very) little Burning Wheel

Last night, I got together with couple of friends to play Burning Wheel. I’ve been meeting one of them since January or February, developing a character, running through examples of the conflict resolution systems, and then playing other games like Lunch Money, the game of schoolyard violence. We even played a one-on-one session with my character.

However, my friend finally recruited another player, and he’s developed a character very different from mine (yay conflict!). Last night we finished the final tweaks to his character, and then he was getting an introductory scene. My character ws going to get involved a little later.

Then my pager went off; Beloved Wife needed me to come home. She was in tears when I called because her cheek hurt so much. I raced (carefully) home, passing a red fox on my way. When I got home, she was readying to take half a Vicodin. Now BW hadn’t needed Vicodin right after she had her wisdom teeth out, just ibuprofen. But I’m glad we had them. After we all got to bed, and I started to rub BW’s back, she felt extra warm. I grabbed a thermometer, and she had a temp just over 100. Poor girl!

Fortunately, she got decent sleep and isn’t in so much pain this morning. She’s got her one week follow-up appointment with the oral surgeon today, and asked me to go with her. Hopefully we’ll get her fixed-up. This has been more of an ordeal than we were anticipating.

And I’m looking forward to getting together with my friends in a couple weeks for another session of Burning Wheel.

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