Progress is slow

Tuesday morning, I made a short list of goals. Here’s how they stand:

scheduled time to work on provisioning scripts

I was able to develop some user-interface improvements, and pull together two component scripts. I still need to pull in the third, and to provide more error-checking.

contact Sarah in Student Life regarding migration

I have scheduled a meeting for Monday morning; Sarah has confirmed.

create OTG groups in AD

I have created the three groups wvw requested, and asked whenwe can move forward with the migration of OTGServer from the UVMAD domain to CAMPUS.

learn how to set up a Mac to connect to AD with the AdmitMac client didn’t happen.
leave on time didn’t happen.
pick up book at borders also didn’t happen
got an email that their inventory had changed since I check for availibility; they sold their last copy. I’ll check again to see if it gets restocked. I want to use my homeschool discount with the gift certificate.


Spent the morning doing script development, walk-throughs with Phil. Made quite a bit of headway.

In the afternoon, I went with Greg to the Audit Services offices in Colchester to do an AD migration. Two PCs and a Mac. They have a rather low-bandwidth connection, so file-copies were slow. I spent the whole time with one PC; it refuses to install SAV 9. %^$! They now complain about printing with a watermark not working. I guess I’ll have to head out there today.


Worked with new colleague mcaha to bring CESS Dean’s Office systems up-to-date. This went relatively smoothly.

I finally got my butt to Aikido. It was a good class–lot’s of suwari-waza. Now I need some Advil.

In the afternoon, mcaha, Phil and I did the final migration for the Grad College.

I wasn’t in my office much at all, Wednesday. I checked email at home last night, and saw that Audit Services shared area hadn’t been copied from Gemini to Files. I started up a RDP session and got the copy underway. This morning, I checked the robocoy log and everything copied OK. Made ACEs for the audit services group.

It’s about 9:30 am; I guess I’ll go head out to audit services.

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