Fun with migration

Yesterday (Monday, Sep 27)
I completed the data migration of the FAB shared area from Gemini to Files. It took 1 hr, 30 min to transfer 2.5 GB of data using robocopy. That’s crappy.

I created three installation CDs for Windows XP Pro with SP2 slipstreamed. I used them successfully to rebuild a system in accounting.

I spent most of the day working in a somewhat disorganized way to rebuild three buggy systems in accounting. Two are IBM systems. After the OS/driver reinstallation, I joined the systems to the domain and set them up to use their domain accounts rather than local accounts. This will make the eventual departmental migration from Novell to AD easier.

There was an accidental loss of data when a user’s addressbook and bookmarks weren’t backed up prior to rebuild.

All-in-all, it took about 4.5 hours to build these three system.

Started the day with some clean-up from the migration last night.

Castor abended; Greg found a KB article and made a config file adjustment.

Generated some stats regarding current Gemini usage: 785 account have a Last Login date of July 1, 2004, or after.

Met with Dean and Greg to discuss migration project management and planning.

I sent email to folks in a few departments to discuss mgration plans:

  • Tentatively planning to migrate Grad College on Thursday.
  • Email to aquinn and ccowie to discuss CESS migration
  • phonemail to swales and message for dbrauer regarding LGBTQA services and Diversity and Equity
  • Email to dcomey and jhoppenj regarding Student Life

Priority: need to work on these provisioning scripts.

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