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Best birthday card ever

After I finished my usual morning email purge, I popped over to my BW’s blog to see her post for the day (she posts very regularly). I found myself reading the best birthday card I’ve ever received. I sat in Waterman Cafe across the table from Dr. Science, trying not to sob…

I only worked a half-day, and spent a very enjoyable afternoon and evening at home. BW got me the very awesome Intersections 1985-2005 collection of Bruce Hornsby music.

Better picture coming soon.Four CDs and a DVD of fabulous music. I have lots of good listening ahead of me, and I finally get to hear Rainbow’s Cadillac again. She also got me a Peter, Paul, and Mary album, which has some nice songs from my childhood. Thanks, honey!

Rumor has it the NB had a super gift idea, but that delivery is taking a while. I’m anxious to find out what it is!

Edit: I see that Bruce will be performing in Lowell, MA, in the middle of August. I can’t recall if I’m supposed to be camping, then…

Whale’s Tale water park

I have a lot of topics to post about. Here’s a fun one from last weekend.

Beloved Wife surprised me on Sunday morning, suggesting that we head to Whale’s Tale Waterpark for the day. I was giddy. 🙂

Whale’s Tale is in Lincoln, N.H., about a two-hour drive, but it’s closer than Splashwater Kingdom, and much nicer, IMHO. BW had a cooler packed with lunches, snacks and beverages in a flash, and then bought tickets online so we wouldn’t have to wait in line.

Much to our surprise, there was no line at all. Just lots of sun, slides, and pools.

NatureBoy and me in the wave pool

NatureBoy is not a thrill-seeker. In fact, he refuses to go on most amusement park rides, and waterpark tubes and slides are no different. But he loves the wave pool, and we alternated between swimming in the wave pool, and BW and me enjoying the other attractions while NB took some pictures and even video.

In fact, here’s one of his videos, this one of BW and me riding Whale’s Tale’s most recent attraction, the Bonzai Pipeline:

BW’s blog has several more photo’s and a video of each of us riding Eye of the Storm. I really like that one! I’m hoping we get in one more trip to Whale’s Tale this summer.