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BW’s wisdom teeth

Beloved Wife had her four wisdom teeth extracted on Friday morning. I read a bit more of HP7 in the waiting room, but I didn’t get very far. We arrived at 7 am and we were home around 9. I owe a big thanks to BW’s parents, who watched NatureBoy while we were out, and they went and got her meds after we got home and I tucked her into bed.

BW decided she didn’t need the heavy-duty pain meds in the end. She iced her cheeks faithfully, and has been taking lots of advil. But today, she still felt pretty ill, so I decided to take the extra day to keep NB out of her hair and keep her from overdoing it. She rallied a bit this afternoon, but is fading as the day wears on.

This morning, at 72 hours, was supposed to be the peak of the swelling. She’s eating food that’s more substantial, too. I hope these are signs of recovery, because she’s been pretty miserable. Hang in there, honey.

On the bright side, we got to finish season 2.5 of BattleStar Galactica. 🙂 It was ok right up until the time shift ahead a year. Whose idea was that?!


Yoga info via Lifehacker

woman at desk with arms extended over head

I saw a couple of Yoga-related items on Lifehacker, recently. The one that first caught my eye is program in Canada that has developed yoga sequences to perform at your desk.

The other is a free yoga video from I’ve grabbed a couple of them to preview. I’m especially looking forward to the one on Thighs and Hamstrings; I can’t even bend 90 degrees at the waist with straight legs. [sigh]

Family Aikido

I started practicing Aikido at Vermont Aikido in the Fall of 1992. After a couple years, I took a long break, then started again at another dojo, Aikido of Champlain Valley. I studied there for a number of years, and then fell off the wagon again.

Yesterday, DW attended her first Aikido class at Vermont Aikido. She likes the dojo, the instructors and the other Aikidoka, and is planning to join and keep training. I will be joining and practicing, again, too.

I’m so excited; she was talking about getting some kind of mats so we can practice at home. This is so much better than the square dancing and tennis lessons that had been mentioned previously. (pheww!)